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Credit Card Basics

So how do I get a good credit score or history?

To build your credit score you have to borrow money from an official financial institution and pay them back. The best and easiest way to establish good credit history and a good credit score is to get a credit card and use it properly. The best part is that getting a credit card is free and you can borrow money for free as long as you pay it back before you start getting charged for interest. If you borrow money on your credit card and you always pay it back on time, and you do this regularly over a period of time, you build great credit history.

  1. Get approved for a good credit card
  2. Use that credit card properly
    1. Only buy when you have the money to pay it back
    2. Pay your credit card in full before you are charged a financing fee.
    3. Never pay late!
  3. Over time the credit card company will report your credit card usage activity to each of the 3 credit bureaus and your FICO score goes up.

This may seem like a simple and slow process, and it is! It's easy and it works, and it has great benefits later when you have achieved a great credit score.