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What are the different types of credit cards I can get?

There are lots of variations on credit cards, but first lets cover the basics and talk about the different types of purchasing cards that are available.

Types of cards:

  1. Basic Credit Card - You buy something on your credit card and you pay it back at a later date with interest on the borrowed money.
  2. Debit/Check Card - You buy something on your debit card and it withdraws directly from your bank account. There is no borrowing or credit involved.
  3. Charge Card - You buy something on your charge card and you have 30 to 90 days to pay it back with no interest, but you pay a monthly or yearly fee for that privilege. (This type of card is usually only offered to businesses not individuals)
  4. Department Store Card - Just like a credit card but you can only use it at that specific retailer or department store.

The basic credit card comes in lots of different colors and flavors but generally the best type of credit card you can get has:

If you have never had a credit card or you have only had one for a short while, it is difficult to obtain a great credit card deal. The best plan is to get yourself the best credit card you can qualify for and build your credit history so that you can create a great credit score and then qualify for the best credit card at a later date.

Having more than one credit card isn't bad, but having lots isn't good. Critics argue about how many credit cards a person should have, but the general consensus is that 2 or 3 credit cards seems to be a good number. What is more important than how many you have is how you use your credit card. Always use your credit cards properly!!!